Industrial Collaboration

Supply Chain and Customer Collaboration solutions for industry

Why you should use Industrial Collaboration

  • Communication and cooperation within and between companies is essential for competitiveness in manufacturing.
  • In addition to classical real-time communication through voice and video, we provide secure and efficient information exchange with clients and partners along the entire value added chain.


Communication and cooperation occurs at three levels:

  • Internal company cooperation among the development, production, and service areas
  • Cooperation with entities such as suppliers and partners outside the company
  • Cooperation and communication with clients and consumers


Knowledge exchange, communication with clients and partners, and interdepartmental, locally independent cooperation must be possible at any time, especially in intelligent factories.
The following criteria must be fulfilled:

  • Seamless integration into business processes
  • Seamless integration into existing tools
  • Mobile communication and cooperation

Your opportunities with Industrial Collaboration

Integration of communication and cooperation offers the following advantages:

  • general time savings
  • more satisfied users
  • more efficient business processes
  • greater customer satisfaction
  • higher productivity

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