Physical Infrastructure

Mobile data centers for industry

Why you should use Physical Infrastructure

  • Mobile data center solutions offer you a number of advantages – and not just as a temporary solution to be used while your own stationary data center is being remodeled.
  • A mobile data center can be up and running just eight weeks after receipt of contract – a container requires no building permit.
  • We have therefore developed an architecture that can be housed in a standardized ISO container.
  • The container houses all building technology, such as climate control, fire prevention, wiring, video monitoring, and security. Because the data center is mobile, our solutions need not necessarily be purchased – our data centers can be rented or leased as well.

Your opportunities with Physical Infrastructure

As our client, you can use the transportable server space while enjoying greater flexibility – not only in financing, but also in the use of the data center. The standardized container can be loaded on commercial transport vehicles, meaning that road shows pose no problem, as they would for a stationary data center.

The temporary rental of a data center is an excellent way to compensate for peak loads. If your company relocates, a data center container minimizes downtime because the time loss for dismantling and reconstructing the infrastructure, servers, and racks is avoided completely. We also put great emphasis on green IT. CANCOM takes pains to ensure that the use of information and communication technology conserves resources and harms the environment as little as possible throughout the life cycle of the equipment.

Components of our Physical Infrastructure

  • 20-foot ISO container – design according to WK-3
  • Fire safety access door
  • Container fire resistance rating of F90
  • Five 42RU racks, 600 mm wide, 1000 mm long
  • Jeweils 2 x Stromversorgungsleisten je Rack mit 16A und SNMP Management zur ÜberwachungTwo 16A power strips per rack with SNMP management and monitoring
  • Remote monitoring system for monitoring temperature and humidity
  • UPS with 20kW capacity and a back-up time of about eight minutes at full power.
  • Electrical subdistribution
  • 20 kW climate control devices with N+1 redundancy
  • 20 kW climate control unit with N+1 redundancy
  • Aspirating smoke detector (ASD) for detecting fires, extinguishing gas system with extinguishing medium installed in the container, pressure relief flap
  • Smoke- and fire-proof cable feed-throughs
  • Hot/cold aisle containment within the container
  • Biometric access control

The CANCOM team would be extremely happy to provide you further information!

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